Please make sure the backing is 8” larger than the quilt top to give extra for shrinkage due to the quilting process. Also ensure your backing is squared off and selvages removed if backing is pieced. Press well.
Make sure that the top was measured before the borders were added. A square quilt top will ensure a square finished quilt. Do backstitch on any border seams because handling and stretching on the frame can cause seams to open up. Also ensure that loose threads are clipped (especially behind light fabrics) and seam allowances are pressed to appropriate side.


You may supply your own batting, or choose from the selections I carry:  Hobbs 80/20 96” wide and Hobbs Wool 108″ wide. 
If supplying your own batting, please make sure that it is 6”-8” larger than the quilt top in order to accommodate any shrinkage which may occur during the quilting process. 

Batting Pricing

Hobbs 80/20 96” – 21 cents per running inch

Hobbs  Wool 108” – 44 cents per running inch

Unfortutalely at this time Batting is not available from me.



My assortment of threads includes brands such as Signature variegated & solids, King Tut, Lava, Glide, Magnifico, Poly Quilter, Omni and Perma Core. If a specific colour is not available, I can order it for you.  Perma Core thread is $5, all other threads are $10 extra.


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